Education | Denture and Partial Denture

Denture and Partial Denture Instructions

You may experience some discomfort with your new denture or set of dentures for a few days. It is likely that you will need to schedule appointments for adjustments. Needing to make an appointment for an adjustment is normal, do not hesitate to call if you experience pain or severe discomfort.

It may be difficult to talk normally with the new denture or partial denture for the first few days. You will notice the difference in your speech more than others will. Your tongue and muscles will adjust to the new denture(s) and you will talk normally very soon. Reading out loud for a short period of time every day will speed up this process.

It is important to take your dentures out each day for a while. Your gums need time to rest and be without dentures. During this time, keep them in a clean container filled with water or denture cleaning solution. Clean your dentures thoroughly with a toothbrush and water before putting them back into your mouth.

If you have any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call our office.